How to prevent eye wrinkles? How do eye wrinkles form?

[Abstract] Skin care around the eyes is very important to us. If we do not take care of it in advance, it will make the age look older. How to prevent and cure dark circles under the eyes? How do eye wrinkles form? Together have a look!

How to prevent eye wrinkles

Eye massage

The skin around the eyes is relatively delicate. If there are wrinkles, it means that there is a trend of aging. At this time, massage should be used to relieve it. There are many types of eye massage.皮膚緊緻方法 The following is the most common one: close your eyes, bend your index finger, then place the bent index finger on the inside of your eye, and then slide it all the way out. This helps speed up blood circulation.

Replenish moisture to the eyes

Eliminating wrinkles in the corners of the eyes is inseparable from supplementing soil moisture to the eyes. There are many ways to add some moisture. One of the problems of enterprises is to apply a facial mask. The facial mask should choose a special wrinkle-removing and moisturizing. In addition to the Chinese facial mask market, you can also use eye creams. When using eye creams, we should pay attention not to use too much by ourselves.

Nourishing and wrinkle soup

In addition to the above two wrinkle removal methods, there are other wrinkle removal methods, one of which is to use nutritional meals to remove wrinkles. Common wrinkle-removing and nutritious meals include ear red date soup, black glutinous rice blood-enriching porridge, and Chinese angelica for red date ribs. This soup is also called “poor Man’s Bird’s Nest Soup”, which can effectively remove wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.

How to prevent eye wrinkles How can eye wrinkles form?

How do eye wrinkles form

1. Eye wrinkles are formed because the epidermal tissue is dry and thin, 消除皺紋and the collagen and elastic fibers of the dermis layer are insufficiently supplemented and thinned, and the network support is lost. When the skin loses its elasticity, it will no longer recover after being squeezed, resulting in sagging skin and forehead wrinkles. If the function of the sebaceous glands decreases, the secretion of the sebaceous glands decreases, the sebaceous film is not easy to form, and the water in the stratum corneum will be easily lost, causing the skin to become dry. Blinking up to 10,000 times a day is more likely to produce fine lines. If the skin moves down further, bags under the eyes will be created, the eyelids will droop, and the eyes will turn into corners of the eyes.

2. The ultraviolet rays in the sun are the catalyst for the aging of the eye skin, which will directly cause the expansion of the eye blood vessels, the damage and weakening of collagen and elastin fibers, and the uneven distribution of melanin to produce wrinkles. In addition, long-term smoking will significantly reduce the quality of the skin, accelerate the skin aging process, and make wrinkles appear earlier.

3. Habitual expressions can contribute to personal character wrinkles. people have seven emotions and six desires, joy, anger, sorrow and joy. These student emotions will be expressed on our faces, thereby forming a traction for the development of facial muscles. Long-term repetitive exercise will cause muscles to contract for a long time and produce wrinkles, such as wrinkles and wrinkles between eyebrows. Sleeping posture will also affect the production of forehead wrinkles. Some people who lie on their sides will find serious wrinkles on their foreheads when they get up early. This is caused by the convergence of skin gravity and the upward thrust of the pillow between the center of the eyebrows. There are naps on your desk, wrinkles on your eyes and face, etc.

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