This Bao beef warms the stomach better!

Recently, it hurts very warmly because my stomach is upset again. 牛角外賣When the weather starts to get cold in autumn, Nuan’s mother will always complain that the child feels nauseous and feels uncomfortable.

This is not. Two days ago, I took Wen’s mother to see an old Chinese doctor. I went to the hospital this time and found that many people really had stomach problems.

The old Chinese doctor told Nuan Nuan that autumn is in the transitional stage of “Yang disappears and yin grows.” Coupled with hot days and cold nights, cold and heat are changeable, it is especially easy for stomach problems and patients to relapse.

Therefore, in autumn, it is not just to prevent autumn dryness. It is also important to have a stomachache.

As the saying goes, stomach disease is “three points in treatment, 肥牛seven points depends on nourishment”. In autumn, the stomach is nourished. You must pay attention to keeping warm and not be anxious. If you have time, you can exercise more. In addition to this effect, there is Tonic.

Today, Nuan Nuan is here to recommend a “stomach master”-taro.

In Chinese medicine, taro has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, reducing swelling and pain, and moisturizing the intestines. Moreover, taro is particularly easy to digest. The carotene, vitamins and other ingredients contained in taro can even have a good alleviating effect on loss of appetite, so It is suitable for people with weak gastrointestinal function.

The general nourishing food is different. While taro is “nourishing”, it also has a “catharsis” effect, which is to get rid of bad things in the body. Therefore, it can also reduce phlegm and regulate the lungs, and dissolve the phlegm that hinders breathing in the lungs.

So how can taro be developed to make a stomach-nourishing meal? If it is just ordinary steaming, it would be a bit weak, so today Nuan Nuan recommends a fragrant taro beef.

The soft and rotten fat cow staff started to serve the sweet and delicious taro. Even people with bad teeth can eat it. The taro absorbs the smell of the fat cow and the soup, and it tastes full of fragrance. The fat cow also has the effect of warming the stomach, so the combination of the two is strong, and it is most suitable for people with stomach.

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