How to prevent eye wrinkles? How do eye wrinkles form?

[Abstract] Skin care around the eyes is very important to us. If we do not take care of it in advance, it will make the age look older. How to prevent and cure dark circles under the eyes? How do eye wrinkles form? Together have a look!

How to prevent eye wrinkles

Eye massage

The skin around the eyes is relatively delicate. If there are wrinkles, it means that there is a trend of aging. At this time, massage should be used to relieve it. There are many types of eye massage.皮膚緊緻方法 The following is the most common one: close your eyes, bend your index finger, then place the bent index finger on the inside of your eye, and then slide it all the way out. This helps speed up blood circulation.

Replenish moisture to the eyes

Eliminating wrinkles in the corners of the eyes is inseparable from supplementing soil moisture to the eyes. There are many ways to add some moisture. One of the problems of enterprises is to apply a facial mask. The facial mask should choose a special wrinkle-removing and moisturizing. In addition to the Chinese facial mask market, you can also use eye creams. When using eye creams, we should pay attention not to use too much by ourselves.

Nourishing and wrinkle soup

In addition to the above two wrinkle removal methods, there are other wrinkle removal methods, one of which is to use nutritional meals to remove wrinkles. Common wrinkle-removing and nutritious meals include ear red date soup, black glutinous rice blood-enriching porridge, and Chinese angelica for red date ribs. This soup is also called “poor Man’s Bird’s Nest Soup”, which can effectively remove wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.

How to prevent eye wrinkles How can eye wrinkles form?

How do eye wrinkles form

1. Eye wrinkles are formed because the epidermal tissue is dry and thin, 消除皺紋and the collagen and elastic fibers of the dermis layer are insufficiently supplemented and thinned, and the network support is lost. When the skin loses its elasticity, it will no longer recover after being squeezed, resulting in sagging skin and forehead wrinkles. If the function of the sebaceous glands decreases, the secretion of the sebaceous glands decreases, the sebaceous film is not easy to form, and the water in the stratum corneum will be easily lost, causing the skin to become dry. Blinking up to 10,000 times a day is more likely to produce fine lines. If the skin moves down further, bags under the eyes will be created, the eyelids will droop, and the eyes will turn into corners of the eyes.

2. The ultraviolet rays in the sun are the catalyst for the aging of the eye skin, which will directly cause the expansion of the eye blood vessels, the damage and weakening of collagen and elastin fibers, and the uneven distribution of melanin to produce wrinkles. In addition, long-term smoking will significantly reduce the quality of the skin, accelerate the skin aging process, and make wrinkles appear earlier.

3. Habitual expressions can contribute to personal character wrinkles. people have seven emotions and six desires, joy, anger, sorrow and joy. These student emotions will be expressed on our faces, thereby forming a traction for the development of facial muscles. Long-term repetitive exercise will cause muscles to contract for a long time and produce wrinkles, such as wrinkles and wrinkles between eyebrows. Sleeping posture will also affect the production of forehead wrinkles. Some people who lie on their sides will find serious wrinkles on their foreheads when they get up early. This is caused by the convergence of skin gravity and the upward thrust of the pillow between the center of the eyebrows. There are naps on your desk, wrinkles on your eyes and face, etc.

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What is compost? What are the benefits of composting?

Friends who like to grow vegetables want to know how to make compost. Compost can not only make full use of food waste, reduce food waste, but also improve soil quality. Here we will introduce ourselves what compost is and what are the benefits of composting.

In fact, composting is not as difficult as people think now, and correct composting will not give off a bad smell. Composting is the natural degradation of organic matter. You can compost your garden with a little understanding of how it works.

It can be said that anything that grows from the ground can be composted,compostable cutlery for example, leftovers, leftovers, rotten leaves and roots, leftovers, leftovers, leftovers, leftovers, milk and all kinds of grains can be used as composting materials. Other composting materials include: tea grounds, coffee, cardboard, wood chips, etc.

Some materials are not suitable for home composting, but can be used in large-scale composting plants: all kinds of meat, fish, pet manure, all kinds of fats. We can’t use these research materials in a household compost, because without them, it will emit a lot of odor and even attract small animals and other problems.

What are the benefits of composting?

1. Improve the soil

Compost can improve the water retention capacity of our soil. If your garden is sandy, you can improve the water retention of the soil by constantly adding compost.

2. Improve soil fertility

One of the most important functions of composting is to improve the fertility of the soil, allowing you to grow more vegetables and increase crop yields.

3. Environmental protection

Composting is the recycling of organic matter, and the composting process does not use chemical substances, which is very beneficial to the natural environment. After composting, the natural use of chemical fertilizers will be reduced.

4. Waste disposal

These problematic organic wastes can enter the vegetable garden or cultivated land by increasing the compost, and it is impossible to pull them to the landfill, reducing some unnecessary waste.

5. Treatment of livestock manure

Large-scale composting can well dispose of the manure of livestock and pets in the compost, and improve the arable land and soil.

6. Kill all kinds of germs

When waste is decomposed, it will generate high temperature, which can kill all kinds of germs.

The above is to introduce to you what compost is, and that compost can not only improve the output of our vegetable garden, but also greatly help our country to protect the natural ecological environment.

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This Bao beef warms the stomach better!

Recently, it hurts very warmly because my stomach is upset again. 牛角外賣When the weather starts to get cold in autumn, Nuan’s mother will always complain that the child feels nauseous and feels uncomfortable.

This is not. Two days ago, I took Wen’s mother to see an old Chinese doctor. I went to the hospital this time and found that many people really had stomach problems.

The old Chinese doctor told Nuan Nuan that autumn is in the transitional stage of “Yang disappears and yin grows.” Coupled with hot days and cold nights, cold and heat are changeable, it is especially easy for stomach problems and patients to relapse.

Therefore, in autumn, it is not just to prevent autumn dryness. It is also important to have a stomachache.

As the saying goes, stomach disease is “three points in treatment, 肥牛seven points depends on nourishment”. In autumn, the stomach is nourished. You must pay attention to keeping warm and not be anxious. If you have time, you can exercise more. In addition to this effect, there is Tonic.

Today, Nuan Nuan is here to recommend a “stomach master”-taro.

In Chinese medicine, taro has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, reducing swelling and pain, and moisturizing the intestines. Moreover, taro is particularly easy to digest. The carotene, vitamins and other ingredients contained in taro can even have a good alleviating effect on loss of appetite, so It is suitable for people with weak gastrointestinal function.

The general nourishing food is different. While taro is “nourishing”, it also has a “catharsis” effect, which is to get rid of bad things in the body. Therefore, it can also reduce phlegm and regulate the lungs, and dissolve the phlegm that hinders breathing in the lungs.

So how can taro be developed to make a stomach-nourishing meal? If it is just ordinary steaming, it would be a bit weak, so today Nuan Nuan recommends a fragrant taro beef.

The soft and rotten fat cow staff started to serve the sweet and delicious taro. Even people with bad teeth can eat it. The taro absorbs the smell of the fat cow and the soup, and it tastes full of fragrance. The fat cow also has the effect of warming the stomach, so the combination of the two is strong, and it is most suitable for people with stomach.

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How to eat better when you have a cold?

When you have a cold, you have to eat lighter foods. Many people know this skill. 何濟公止痛退熱散But how to eat lighter ones? If you have a dull sense of taste and smell, and the food is tasteless, why eat healthy and lightly?

In fact, the purpose of a light diet is to reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract and allow the body to fight the virus with all its strength. “Don’t let your body spend too much energy on digesting food,” said Zhan Enci, director of the nutrition department of the Zhaomei Health Management Center. What the doctor calls “light” refers to foods that are easy to digest. If juice, it is better than fresh fruit, and it takes less time to digest fiber. She suggested that people should eat foods that are easier to digest and nutritious.

According to the type of cold, respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms,何濟公止痛退熱散 dietary principles are also different:

Respiratory cold: It does not need to be mild, but it must be avoided

Nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, and cough are common cold and respiratory symptoms. Although they do not affect the digestion of the intestinal mucosa, they can make appetite, taste, and smell dull, and even have a bitter taste. Zhan Enci reminds you to pay attention to the following three principles when preparing meals.

1. Get the highest calories with a minimal, concentrated diet.

This is for people who lack appetite or taste bitterness to absorb more energy needed by the body. For example, thick soup contains more calories and nutrients than clear soup; if you are used to eating Chinese breakfast porridge and tofu, you can sprinkle it on tofu. Order pork floss and seaweed; add a little shiitake mushrooms and minced meat to steamed eggs to form a chawanmushi, which is a way to increase calories in a small amount of food.

2. Choose high-quality protein to increase the body’s ability to repair.

High-quality protein includes tofu, soy milk, and eggs, etc. 何濟公止痛退熱片Zhan Enci will eat a little steamed egg when he catches a cold. The same goes for deep-sea fish. They are short-chain proteins and are easier to digest.

Chicken soup also contains protein. Adding hot soup to wash the mucous membrane will be more comfortable, but meat is not recommended, because large pieces of meat are inherently difficult to digest. In addition, doctors sometimes add appetizers and gastric milk tablets to prevent cold medicine from hurting the stomach. However, stomach medicine can inhibit the secretion of gastric acid and reduce the function of the stomach to digest meat.

Milk is prone to phlegm. Some people have low lactose tolerance and are prone to diarrhea. Chinese physicians and nutritionists do not recommend milk as a source of protein intake.

3. Mainly liquid foods to reduce the burden of gastrointestinal digestion.

Zhan Enci suggested using juice instead of fresh fruit. Although juice lacks fiber, it can reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines. “I don’t recommend drinking juice normally, but drinking juice when you have a cold can help replenish vitamin C and water.”

Sweet and sour juices such as kiwi juice and orange juice are rich in vitamin C, and the sweet and sour taste can stimulate appetite and remove the bitter and astringent taste in the mouth. She suggested that occasionally you can try the sourness and sweetness similar to Thai cuisine, but don’t be spicy.

Yang Shujun, Nursing Director of Minsheng Hospital, suggested to cook some well-digested porridge, such as removing the vegetables and pork ribs and making the porridge, or replacing the lean meat with cod or larvae.












此外,孕婦、65 歲或以上長者、年齡介乎 6 個月至未滿 12 歲兒童、智障人士及領取傷殘津貼人士,只要是香港居民亦可參與流感疫苗資助計劃5。流行性腦炎疫苗和一組腦膜炎球菌凍幹多糖抗原采用化學方法提取。預防A組腦膜炎球菌感染。乙肝疫苗:目前用於預防乙肝的血源性乙肝疫苗和基因工程疫苗是否經過HBsAg操作者的純化和佐劑吸附後從無症狀的乙肝表面抗原(HBsAg)血漿中提取乙肝疫苗血液?

流感疫苗 資助計劃能夠有效抵禦病毒侵害,世界衞生組織(WHO)亦指出,假如流感疫苗抗原吻合當季的流行病毒,可為65歲以下的健康人士帶來高達七至九成的保護率2。乙肝基因工程亞單位疫苗是乙肝疫苗的一種。利用現代生物技術將乙型肝炎表面抗原表達的基因克隆到酵母中,培養出HBsAg亞單位重組酵母,該酵母是一種純化、吸附的佐劑。新一代乙肝疫苗安全有效。甲型肝炎疫苗:將免疫原性好的甲型肝炎病毒無毒減毒株接種於人二倍體細胞。經訓練,提取純化的可溶性鹽中含有氨基酸和平衡液,可預防甲型流感病毒性肝炎。腮腺炎疫苗:是將腮腺炎病毒株接種雞胚細胞培養,凍幹收獲病毒。用來預防腮腺炎的。風疹疫苗:人用風疹二號桶減毒苗感染二倍體細胞培養物,凍幹疫苗呈透明橙色。用來預防風疹的。










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